Chapter 6

The European Museum of Colonialism 

The European Museum of Colonialism is a major project that visually maps European colonialism and its ongoing living legacies in present day colonialism and capitalism. It includes an online information platform for presenting the Visual Mapping and ongoing and growing Chapters of the project – “In Search of Ubuntu, Legacies of Imperial Projects, re-Remembering & re-Thinking "Empire" in relation to "Civilization" the West and the Rest.”
The purpose of this major project and online platform is to visually map, gather and share knowledge and content from across the colonizer and colonized world, in order to contribute to the unsettling of Colonial Amnesia, whose effect has and continues to contribute to the reproduction of this violence, in present day Colonialism and Capitalism.
While the Visual Mapping per country and ongoing and growing Chapters of the project will culminate in several major exhibitions, the aim of visually mapping and creating this online platform is that it will become a real European Museum of Colonialism and that this in turn will inspire the realization of Museums of Belonging, that make it possible for us to fully come to terms with Colonial Histories and their legacies in a way that contributes to reparatory justice. For more in formation on the research part of project please click this link -

Below are a few Visually Mapped Chapters and projects.

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