The artworks below are projects that represent several series of bodies of works. They include works that are a visual map and introduction to the Chapters per country of the project; In Search of Ubuntu – Legacies of Imperial Projects, re-Remembering & re-Thinking "Empire" in relation to "Civilisation" the West and the Rest

Founding Fathers of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade from the Chapter  – The Portuguese Museum of Colonialism.

Role Models from the Chapter - Human ZOOs

The French Museum of Colonialism

Echos of Ota Benga form the Chapter  – The Hidden History of Scientific Racism

Footsteps of Change

The Burst of Orson Welles

Heren XVII | VOC – Kamer Amsterdam,Rethinking Coen’s Vision Part 1

Fountain of Youth from the Chapter – Dutch connection 

A truly Dutch creation, the Citizen as Investor and Stakeholder

Warning! Over Consumption of God is Toxic, from the Chapter – Traditions that Matter

Echos of British Rhodesia from the Chapter – Of Colonialists, Businessman, Thugs and Politicians

Weapon of Choice from the Chapter: The citizen as consumer, facilitator and enabler of the reproduction of violence

The Primitive State of Ernest Noirot – from the Chapter – The artist as accomplice

We all need to eat from the Chapter: 21st century Cash Cows

The Coach will ride again when the Dutch Society is ready

The study – from the Chapter -Of curiosity and the invention of the savage

Of Subjects/Objects, and Viewers, Colonising Black Female Bodies in the Chapter – “Tools of the Empire”reflections on representation and power in the production, re-production, and maintenance of European colonial forms of knowledge.

The international Arm of the Dutch Republic from the Chapter – 17th Century Institutional innovations

The VOC and WIC Chartered Companies – from the Chapter – Historical tiles

Empire Builders from the Chapter  – Dutch Colonization of Indonesia
Foundations of Civilisation from the Chapter – Trade

Insatiable - from the Chapter - A Culture 

The Belgium Museum of Colonialism 

Surinamensium Part 1 – Rethinking the gaze of Maria Sibylla Merian

Finders Keepers - Rethinking Colonial Projects

Moulding the world in our image from the Chapter – Westernisation

Heren XVII
Dutch Glory - Reflections on Empire and the Dutch Golden Age 

Inter caetera – Rethinking Cartography and Papal bulls, from the Chapter –  The Spanish Museum of colonialism

Insatiable – from the Chapter – Colonial Complicity, Luxembourgers and the Belgian Congo

Common Wealth from the Chapter – the British connection

Cash Cows from the Chapter – Commodification of “Black” Bodies
Rethinking the hidden history of Slave Breeding Farms

Echos of Herero and Namaqua ancestors, from the Chapter – The German Connection

Shark island – from the Chapter – Reflections on the Reproduction of Violence, Concentration Camps and Genocide

Explorers, Empire builders and Delicate flowers